It was buried next to the Long Stone, Staunton, Glos


         KING FOR A DAY  is a buried Amulet treasure hunt.

On Midsummer day the Amulet was buried somewhere in Great Britain, and the precise

location can be found by solving the riddle of  'King for a day'. 


Crafted from Bronze, the Amulet can be yours if you use the clues in the pages to solve

the hunt.  The riddle can be solved by a puzzler of any age and without the aid  or the

knowledge of birds.  All the clues are contained within the pages of the hunt and there is

little need for independant research.

But, to unearth the Amulet you must first unveil the location of a Treasure Map, which in

turn will lead the treasure hunter to the location of the Amulet.  The Map will only reveal

the location to the puzzler who has correctly solved the riddle,  to anyone else the Map

will make no sense or give clues to the Amulets whereabouts.

The Amulet will lie no further than twentyfive miles from the Maps location and the

treasure hunter who solves the riddle of  'King for a day' and unearths the Map could

also unearth the Amulet on the same day.


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